Comparing BoardMaps and Azeus Convene Board Platforms

Today board systems are in great demand among various businessmen and board directors. These devices allow administrators to make board meeting agendas and allow directors to conduct meetings digitally whilst collaborating onboard documents on their gadgets. Check out the Azeus Convene and BoardMaps Portal Features.

Why Are These Board Platforms So Popular?

Board portals are one of the most popular applications of dynamic technologies in the development of web projects. Comparable software products are designed for end-to-end business intelligence and performance management. These systems for automating meetings will ensure the efficiency of the work of collegiate bodies of large distributed organizations and help make quick and informed decisions by holding a meeting in a remote format.

BoardMaps Portal Specification

BoardMaps is a software solution designed to optimize the day-to-day and strategic management of large and/or multi-branch enterprises. The system is fully comparable to tablet computers on iOS and Android platforms of advanced versions. It is a tool that helps members of the boards of directors and top managers to collect and analyze the opinions of colleagues and subordinates, discuss and agree on documents, appoint performers for a particular front of work, and track task execution.

The BoardMaps system provides for the involvement of the members of the collegiate body in the process of working with questions even at the stage of preparing the meeting. The desktop module is installed at the secretary’s workplace and includes tools for scheduling meetings, creating and agreeing on the agenda, place, and time, controlling access to documentation, registering attendance, logging, and reporting support.

BoardMaps Advantages

This platform helps to hold in-person and absentee meetings of collegiate bodies. In addition, the portal is famous for the following features:

  • hosting live meetings live with a presentation on iPad and live video;
  • legally significant voting using;
  • the ability to propose alternative solutions;
  • expression of a dissenting opinion during voting with the entry in the minutes;
  • commenting and reviewing materials, adding notes and the ability to share them with colleagues;
  • meeting scheduling and attendance;
  • a simple mechanism for the formation of the agenda of board meetings;
  • automatic generation of minutes following the results of the meeting;
  • quick access to meeting archive;
  • corporate secretary-administered access to questions for users;
  • the ability to invite users to consider a limited range of issues at a meeting.

Azeus Convene Board Specification

Azeus Convene envisions a one-stop board management service. The platform features a full set of integrated options for boards of directors and executives. The portal provides its clients with efficient management and productive collaboration during board meetings. Among other things, it provides easy and secure access to meetings and documents on any gadget, anytime, anywhere.

Azeus Convene Pros

The service will be useful for employees of administrative blocks, assistants to managers, who ensure the appointment success between superiors and colleagues. It is worth noting that the software encrypts the papers used. Thus, additional security is made for any type of business.

At the preparation stage, the platform allows its customers to create an agenda, attach documents to it, invite participants to the feed and send out invitations with notifications and reminders. By the way, the meeting can be scheduled once or regularly. The platform offers to assign access rights to discussions and chats to certain individuals or groups.